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10 Favorites of Story154

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for another Tuesday 10! After burger spots, healthy places to go, the best restaurants in Amsterdam Oost and 10 newest restaurants, this week I have listed my 10 favorite spots of the last few months:

BAR AMERICANO is the newest kid in town and boy do they set a high standard! Good food, great service and a magnifique New York-style interior. This restaurant was reviewed yesterday, read it here >

CAFE RESTAURANT DE PLANTAGE lies in between the Plantage Middenlaan and the Amsterdam zoo Artis, with its enormous spacious area they’ve succeeded into making it a cosy restaurant! We only had lunch here and the served food was really good. Read our review here >

DE LAATSTE KRUIMEL is the ideal spot for an early (or late) breakfast, for your afternoon cravings or just because you want to eat a real French croissant (we’ll do a croissants test soon!). Check out STORY154’s review here >

BUFFET VAN ODETTE overlooking the beautiful Prinsengracht, one of the Amsterdam canals, is one of those spots you can always turn to for whatever reason. I like to brunch/lunch here with 3 courses and wine.. and good company of course! Read STORY154’s review here >

HEADFIRST COFFEE ROASTERS is a keeper and just around the corner from STORY154 HQ: Great coffee, no wifi (but a lot of chats) and dog friendly ;) oeh and lovely American cookies! My stamp card is almost full again.. Read more about this popular coffee bar >

RESTAURANT WILDE ZWIJNEN was discovered by me only a few weeks ago and they left a great impression! The relaxed ambiance, the uber-friendly service and the food was really really good. Check out this review I wrote >

LA PERLA in the Tweede Tuindwarsstraat serves you pizza’s from their big oven. When I sit here (preferably outside when the weather is do-able), I feel like I’m abroad and love to watch city life pass by while I eat a Margherita or a Stracchino e bufala with a cold Peroni. Read my love for LA PERLA here >

PETIT GÂTEAU is one of the recently discovered hidden gems in the neighbourhood of STORY154 HQ. Not such a healthy spot, but one you can always turn to when you are in need of fancy cakes to surprise someone with. Delicious flavours are salted caramel, cakes with meringue or the ones with fruit. Review >

BURGERLIJK AMSTERDAMS located in the 9 streets has one of the best burgers in Amsterdam! All of their ingredients are homemade and the beef burgers are juicy and tender and you definitely make a food mess of it all! Read more about BURGERLIJK AMSTERDAMS >

PAPER PLANES is pretty new within this list: I went for lunch the other day and bumped into my fellow foodie AWESOME AMSTERDAM. Unfortunately the service wasn’t really paying attention (they were kinda busy), but the Green Goodness salad was so good that I had to bring the rest home with me! Lucky for me, they fetched me a doggy bag. LA style.

You have some faves of your own, I can imagine! Share them with me… Love to read about your favorite spots throughout Amsterdam!
XX, Michelle

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"I initially started my blog to tip friends on the best places.
Now I just have a lot of friends."
Michelle, owner of Story154
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