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10 Best Boys Only Spots

It’s time for another Tuesday 10! And boys this one is for you: a special 10 best with ideal spots for a boys night out! Strange that I consider men to eat meat only and flush it away with beer. Either way, here you have 10 hotspots you can choose from when you’re having a boys night out. And if you don’t agree with me or you have a favorite hotspot that’s missing in this list. Let me know!

JULIUS BAR & GRILL is all about the big green egg and quality meat. The dishes you should consider ordering are the pulled pork, Vietnamese bacon and the spare ribs. All very good!

BURGERLIJK AMSTERDAMS is a small burger spot in the 9 Streets and ideal for a quick dinner (not liquid) to enjoy some tasty and juicy burgers! Read our 10 Best burger spots here where BURGERLIJK AMSTERDAMS is a part of >

SMOKIN’ BARRELS offers you burgers as well but lobster, specialty beers and cocktails as well. Men, you probably would stay with burgers and beers. I don’t blame you ;) Check out STORY154’s blog here >

CAFE DE TUIN you go for a liquid dinner with bruin fruit (or check out TUIN10 across the street). They don’t really serve you food except for some nachos and fried stuff. CAFE DE TUIN has an excellent beer selection!

CASTELL on the Lijnbaansgracht 252 is a restaurant that serves you quality meat: T-bones, sirloins, fillet steak, lady fillet steak, surf & turf, spare ribs, mixed grill, chicken, lamb chops and so on! If you really feel like a carnivore, go to CASTELL.

Check out these spots to eat pulled pork >

OEDIPUS BREWING is a really cool brewery in the west of Amsterdam set up by four friends who love to be creative and share their knowledge of beer brewing. They don’t have tasting area just yet. But check out where you can drink their specialty beers here.

MAXWELL CAFE is famous for its spareribs! Well marinated ribs, food mess guaranteed. All the way in Oost.

DE BIERTUIN located in Oost Amsterdam just like a lot of hotspots in this list. This restaurant slash cafe is famous for its beers on tap (about 10) and bottled of course. But also for its grilled chicken!

LOETJE cannot miss in this list! The best steak house in Amsterdam has a few locations to choose from, so make sure to check out this review I wrote about them >

BROUWERIJ ‘T IJ is a beer brewery in Amsterdam Oost, just at the foot of Amsterdam’s windmill. This brewery produces very high quality beers (double Natte, triple Zatte, IJbok, IJwit, PaasIJ). If you are interested in a craft beer tour with your homies, check out the Craft Beer Tours of AWESOME AMSTERDAM.

The tips in this list have two things in common: meat and beer. Of course I don’t think guys only love these two kinds of things! ;)
XX, Michelle

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2 Responses to "10 Best Boys Only Spots"
Moris Inc posted this on November 27, 2014 at 6:17 pm Reply

Oedipus isn’t in Amsterdam Noord…

    Michelle posted this on November 27, 2014 at 6:21 pm Reply

    Thanks Moris for noticing. Just checking if everybody was paying attention :p


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