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New Story154 editor Rosemarijn

Hi, I am Rosemarijn and I am the new Story154 editor! Let me tell you guys a bit about myself: I recently joined the Story154 team because I love to write about food (and eat it of course). I cannot tell you how excited I am to contribute to this online food platform.

Who am I? I am a student, daydreamer and always in for new adventures. I love the finer things in life. Of course I am talking about food here. And with that, I try to find a balance between the student life and being a #healthy #fitgirl. I read a lot about the effect of food on your body and try to apply this in my daily life. Now I am challenging myself to be a vegetarian for a month. Stay tuned to read how this will turn out for me!
I too enjoy a party every now and then, try a craft beer (or two..). Well and then I just can’t leave those nachos with cheddar and guacamole untouched. After all there are omega 3 fats in there, right? ;)

Since my childhood I peeked over the kitchen counter to see my mum and grandma cooking. Cooking and baking is my thing. Nevertheless I have never found it a problem to go out for dinner and have real chefs cook for me ;). I am always on the lookout to find out where they do this best. Biking through Amsterdam and feeling like a tourist in my own city is my way to discover new spots.

Some of my favorite spots in Amsterdam are PLLEK, de Waterkant and SLA. In Berlin my fav spot is Daluma. Let me know about your fave spots in the city!


PS. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t be shy.

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"I initially started my blog to tip friends on the best places.
Now I just have a lot of friends."
Michelle, owner of Story154
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