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10 Best Spots For Cake in Amsterdam

best cake in Amsterdam

Where to eat cake in Amsterdam? I’ve listed some of my favorites addresses to eat cake and other sweets

Home made pies like carrot cake, red velvet, chocolate mud cake, brownies and cupcakes – all made by Leonie. My favorite: her carrot cake – great mix and sweet sour topping! This one is new in town..
Bilderdijkstraat 201

De Drie Graefjes
Their red velvet cake and cupcakes are to die for! Other pies and cupcakes are also very good.
Gravenstraat 13

Winkel 43
This place has the best apple pie in town! Though tastes differ if you ask my brother ;)
Noordermarkt 43

Pompadour Patisserie
A tearoom with a mouthwatering window! Stop by for a bonbon, truffles, small pastry or cake.
Huidenstraat 12

Cupcake Boutique
Cecile is a true magician with cake pops (and all the other things she makes). How does she do it? I pop five of them in my mouth straight away if there are any around. On order only.
Hazenstraat 30

Patisserie Holtkamp
Bonbons, cakes, chocolates, pastries, cookies and signature pies like the lemon meringue. Yum!
Vijzelgracht 15

Gebr. Niemeijer
For all things French and sweet like lemon and chocolate tartellettes, tarte tatin and mille feuilles.
Nieuwendijk 35

Petit Gateau
A new French pastry shop on the Haarlemmerstraat with small pies (6cm) in lots of different flavours like pistache, vanille and lemon. Also lots of pies and other pastries!
Haarlemmerstraat 80

Life of Pie Amsterdam
I love love love the pies of these true patissiers! Thinking about ordering one of Tess’ birthday late October..

Missing your favorite cake shop in this list? Feel free to add them in the comments below!
XX, Michelle


6 Responses to "10 Best Spots For Cake in Amsterdam"
Awesome Amsterdam posted this on March 6, 2014 at 11:26 am Reply

Great list! So many I haven’t tried yet! A good excuse to go have more cake. haha.
Have you tried Van Ness Cupcakes on Spuistraat yet? She’s adorable and her cupcakes are so yummy!

    Michelle posted this on March 6, 2014 at 11:30 am Reply

    It takes a bit of perseverance, but hey somebody has got to do it ;) #cakeforpresident

    There is always an excuse to eat cake, agree? No I haven’t, thanks for the tip.. Maybe I can add her to the list soon ;)

      Awesome Amsterdam posted this on March 6, 2014 at 11:34 am Reply

      Yeah, not that I ever need a reason to eat cake, but I’ll do it in the name of research! :) I think you would really like Van Ness! She’s open Wed-Sun I believe.

        Michelle posted this on March 6, 2014 at 11:36 am Reply

        Same here! I’ll let her know that you are her fan ;)

CAFE TOUSSAINT | posted this on March 23, 2014 at 5:04 pm Reply

[…] This restaurant CAFE TOUSSAINT is one of those little gems in Amsterdam where everything feels right, especially when the sun in shining: the street it is in with its trees, the terrace, watching people biking and the sun coming through the streets to shine exactly on this terrace. Shall I continue? The wine, friendly service, French food and HOLTKAMP PIES! […]

CAFE LUXEMBOURG | posted this on April 9, 2014 at 11:36 am Reply

[…] LUXEMBOURG is the ideal spot to enjoy a quiet lunch in their sun room with Holtkamp croquetten (or delicious pie), fresh orange juice and hopefully enthousiastic service ;) Get a copy of GENTLEWOMAN, FANTASTIC […]


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