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The Suicide Club


Yes, Rotterdam is getting more and more interesting! All new and hip places are popping up. One must-visit in Rotterdam is definitely The Suicide Club with its restaurant, bar and rooftop terrace.
Warning: don’t let the name fool you!

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BAUT & Dreesmann


The Van der Eerde brothers have found a new (temporary) home for ‘moving circus’ BAUT. For us locals this is a well-known location, a former department store that went bankrupt not so long ago: Vroom & Dreesmann goes BAUT & Dreesmann. On the third floor along the Rokin, it will be all about food, drinks, art and music. 

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10 Best Food Spots along the Bilderdijkstraat

salad and the city

Here is a very handy list of all the best food hotspots on the nicest streets of West: the Bilderdijkstraat!

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Meatless District

Meatless District 1 copy 2

The name says it all: this foodspot serves food without meat. But I happen to love meat. Do you? During my pregnancy I noticed how much I adore it: typical Dutch ossenworst, well-known croquettes from Holtkamp, steaks at Loetje and what more.

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Qurios – The Ultimate City Getaway

Qurios Bloemendaal aan Zee 7

So every now and then, everyone needs a change of scenery. Us too. Due to private circumstances we’re unable to travel somewhere warm and tropical, so we searched for something closer to home. We didn’t expect to find something so close!

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By Lima in Haarlem

By Lima

While Amsterdam is full of new food spots, vegan joints and vegetarian options, in Haarlem these concepts are relatively new. Enough reason for owners Diantha and Bruno to start By Lima last October! 

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Bar Basquiat

Bar Basquiat

Amsterdam- East is hot and happening.. People call it the ‘new Pijp’. I definitely agree! Bar Basquiat is one of those cool places, amongst others that make East so much fun!

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10 Best ‘Borrel’ Spots in Amsterdam

Story154 - Restaurant Girassol 3

Yes, us Dutchies love it very much: ‘borrelen’. We even made a word for it.. However the English translation for this word is hard to find. But the meaning is something like enjoying drinks and bites while hanging out with friends. Here are some of the 10 Best Places to go for a ‘borrel’!

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Monthly Favorites – July 2016

Taste Jansz

While at most coffee stations at work you’ll discuss last weekend’s parties and dates. Here at Story154 HQ all we talk about is what we ate, how it was and where we’re going this week. Here are our suggestions for you

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July’s Food Events

EdelWise Festival op Story154

Here all the fun Food Events of July in one overview. Enjoy summer month July with the best food, music and markets!

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Meneer Nieges

Meneer Nieges 4

All new and fresh is restaurant Meneer Nieges at Westerdoksdijk. You’ve probably heard of it before: Meneer Nieges is situated next to the IJ so a nice view and a fresh breeze is guaranteed.

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Restaurant DS – De School


After Trouw closed, a lot of clubbers lost their favorite hideout. On the other hand we also had to say goodbye to the great restaurant Trouw. But now we have Restaurant DS, started by the same founders of TrouwAmsterdam.

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10 Best Cocktail Bars in Amsterdam (by liquid journalist Ingmar)

So every now and then, we publish our best spots concerning a specific food like taco's, the best places to sit like terraces or any other 10 best. Now it's Ingmar's turn! ...

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10 Best Food Spots along the Bilderdijkstraat

Here is a very handy list of all the best food hotspots on the nicest streets of West: the Bilderdijkstraat!...

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10 Best Places To Eat Tacos In Amsterdam

Have you also noticed that tacos are back in the game? Not that strange because it's great street food.. Read on if you want to know where to get the best in Amsterdam. Because who doesn't love tacos? ...

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10 Best Places To Eat Burgers in Amsterdam

This week’s Tuesday 10 is about the best places to eat burgers (and crispy fries!) in Amsterdam. ...

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