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Story154’s Favorites – November 2014

Last month we enjoyed some not so typical Dutch weather with the last weekend of October and the beginning of November hitting 20 degrees! Please let it be 20 degrees this winter pls.. And if not, I’ll just go to one of these restaurants to keep me warm with delicious dishes, candle lights and great company.

HOTEL DE GOUDFAZANT – some restaurants stay a favorite and this is one of them! Perfect food, great industrial ambiance and friendly service. Just like I like it! This time I will order the steak tartare as a starter.

CAFE RESTAURANT DE PLANTAGE – I am totally excited about this new place because of the name, location, the monumental building and hopefully the food. After wanting to make two reservations for dinner, I now have there lunch this Sunday. Review online soon!

MOEDERS – just like CAFE SCHILLER serves you authentic Dutch food and STORY154 never went there (it’s a shame! ;). So when the days are getting darker and colder, I crave for typical Dutch food: potatoes, lots of veggies and a good hunk of meat. This slow and low simmered meat that is!

VAN ‘T SPIT – when the days are getting colder what’s more to like than a warm roasted chicken of the spit? Order a specialty beer or a chilled wine with it, invite some friends and you got yourself a perfect evening!

SISSY BOY DAILY – because everybody loves coffee and sweets! And if you happen to love beautiful tableware and cool stuff for your interior as well. Great new coffee hang out in Amsterdam and Haarlem!

SMOKIN’ BARRELS – for lobster, cocktails, beer and burgers. Tasty fellows from the three wise men from the Eastern part of Amsterdam. They call them that way because they have a few other culinary hotspots as well (BAR BUKOWSKI, DE BIERTUIN, etc.).

DE LAATSTE KRUIMEL – a small breakfast (and lunch) place nearby Rokin. It is always very busy and they only have a few seats. The food though.. too much to choose from and your eyes are bigger than your stomach is! One of the best croissants in Amsterdam if you ask me..

FRIETBOUTIQUE – because fries and me go hand in hand. You can (almost) wake me up for good fries and mayonnaise. This Saturday I will taste FRIETBOUTIQUE’s fries and I’ll come with a verdict ;)

DE FOODHALLEN – a favorite of many (given how busy it is on a Saturday)! But I will come back to eat at VIET VIEW, MENEER TEMAKI, THE ROUGH KITCHEN, LE BIG FISH and DE BALLENBAR. Oh and Caulils grilled cheese sandwich and raclette.

Enough great restaurants, breakfast spots and coffee bars to choose from. If you not, take a look at this list or check out the 10 newest restaurants.
XX, Michelle

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2 Responses to "Story154’s Favorites – November 2014"
fallingoffbicycles posted this on November 5, 2014 at 3:31 pm Reply

Can’t wait to try a few of these. Thanks!

Michelle posted this on November 5, 2014 at 3:34 pm Reply

Thanks Julia! There are so many cool food spots in Amsterdam – there’s not enough time ;)


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