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10 Favorite Restaurants Of Chef Casper Holtkamp

Here is a new interpretation of the highly successful 10 Best lists: The 10 favorite restaurants of a local chef Casper Holtkamp! He and his wife Anna recently opened Kessens and STORY154 asked him about his favorite restaurants.

After a chat with chef Casper Holtkamp – son of the patissier Cees Holtkamp – and his wife Anna Holtkamp, I just knew I had to ask them for their favorite restaurants because Casper had lived in Paris and Anna is originally from Stockholm. And they are both foodies! In Amsterdam his favorite restaurants are…

Bar Moustache in the Utrechtsestraat is a combination of a ultimate relaxed atmosphere, really good food and wines. It’s perfect for drinks on a Saturday afternoon with friends or a romantic night out with your loved one!

Aan de Amstel along the Amstel river is the cooking area of cookbook writer Yvette van Boven. It’s a small restaurant with a relaxed vibe, exciting dishes, no fuzz and beautiful seasonal food with different European influences.

Rijsel has a simple interior, the service is really good and the food. The food is just mindblowing. Or shall we say mouthwatering?

Hotel De Goudfazant is STORY154’s favorite as well! The combination of the location, the friendly service and the food is just really well thought of. It’s a restaurant that you should visit when you have the chance!












Casper lived in Paris for a while. Therefore I asked him to name a few of his favorite Parisian food spots so we can enjoy the city of love even more!
Le Philosophes in Le Marais in Paris, one of the best neighbourhoods of the city. It is one of our favorite spots to have drinks before dinner. It has a typical French terrace on a central point in Paris. Also in the evening it’s very cool!

Le Comptoir (no website) is just great! It’s a really small gem (that I love!) with a classic French menu. You can’t make a reservation. But waiting for a table is no punishment! At L’Avant Comptoir you can enjoy a wine and some small dishes. It’s a really popular place, has great food and a reasonable value for money.

Hotel Du Nord lies in the not touristy Canal St. Martin. In the summer time it’s a great spot to hang out with a dozen Parisiennes who are picknicking along the edge of this canal. And for after dinner drinks head out to Café Chez Prune or other cool spots in the neighbourhood!

Julien is a legendary brasserie. The interior is art-deco and you’ll find wonderful classic dishes on their menu! This is one to discover..












Hotel Costes is not new but a must see if you got some euros to spend! Take a seat between the rich and famous (and sometimes quirky business men with too much money). But it’s an event you cannot miss. Make sure you look fly ;)

Two No-Restaurant Tips
Rue Montorgueil is not a restaurant, but a foodies must visit! The entire street consists of food stores and ends at Les Halles: From cheese to fish and famous patissier Stohrer to much more! Casper used to live nearby this street and got fresh loafs of bread every day. From here on you can walk straight into Le Marais.
Another no restaurant tip: When the sun is shining fill up your picknick basket and grab a bottle of bubbles and head to Jardin Luxembourg to enjoy the city in the sun.

Last but not least – Chateau Briand is one of the most popular spots at this moment! The nouveau rough has set foot into Paris by putting classic signature Parisian dishes into a new modern jacket. It’s simple with a modern twist and hip atmosphere. Make a reservation!

These tips make me want to go to Paris sooner than later!
XX, Michelle

PS. Follow STORY154 because soon Casper’s wife Anna will share her favorite restaurants from Amsterdam and Stockholm – her home town!

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