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Single Ingredient Restaurants In Amsterdam

There is a true food revolution going on in Amsterdam! My eyes spy new food trends and I want to share this with you. The first in this trilogy is about single ingredient restaurants or one trick ponies.

These single ingredient restaurants are specialized in one specific product and have a clear philosophy w/ quality food from (preferably) a local farmer, are the best at their core business and created this food concept w/ a specific look & feel: from the interior to the napkins, from the menu to the entire ambiance. We can point out several subdivisions
of the single product restaurants; meat, pasta & dairy.

There are several hamburgers joints in Amsterdam, as you might know: Burgermeester, the Burger Bar and The Butcher. They all offer great burgers!
Next to the meat in the shape of a burger – the ball shape is also a hot item! I spotted MEATBALLS on the Warmoesstraat last week (review online tomorrow!). The meatball concept is hot in Amsterdam, Gent (Belgium) and especially in New York City..

One of the best ingredients to choose is pasta! The Spaghetteria is created around pasta, they serve six different kinds of pasta dishes. Another pasta place is the Mangi Store; here you take quality pasta back home (enjoy!). In the Spaarndammerbuurt is Holy Ravioli located, I still need to test this one..

Frozz and Yogert both offer frozen yoghurt w/ fruit, chocolate & other kinds of toppings. As a dessert, you can also take a look at IJscuypje that sells ice cream in the summer. This concept of IJscuypje changes with the season: in the winter it turns into Stamppotje selling traditional Dutch winter food (veggies w/ mashed potatoes).

All of these restaurants & stores focus on just one-ingredient
& they do it very well!

Hope to see you @FØØD TREND #2 next week!

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MEATBALLS | posted this on September 5, 2012 at 4:57 pm Reply

[…] ABOUT ← FØØD TREND #1 […]

GC posted this on September 6, 2012 at 10:12 am Reply

The Butcher is such a joke. Please don’t believe the hype. The others I agree ;).


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