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Burger Galore with Hellmann’s

20140520-222027-80427848.jpg As a food blogger I get to go to a lot of food events. A true crime, but hey somebody has to do it! ;) Let me tell you about how an ordinary Monday evening turned into a hamburger galore made possible by HELLMANN’S!

The introduction of this American brand to the Dutch market wasn’t ordinary at all! If you don’t know this brand, they sell mayonnaise. This mayonnaise is very light, the texture is almost like whipped cream, and has a sour taste to it. It’s a bit like the Dutch Zaanse mayonnaise.

“I am Michelle and I am a mayonnaise addict.
Hello Michelle!”
– confessions of a food blogger

I eat mayonnaise with everything: avocado, potatoes, BLT’s, as a salad dressing, etc. Actually I am hooked on CALVE‘s mayonnaise (a Dutch brand) because my grandfather was a representative. Now I am in a HELLMANN’S fase. Maybe because we got a year of HELLMANN’S stash coming up this year. Though CALVE will never leave my heart grandad! They can share a spot in my refri20140520-220522-79522640.jpggerator.

So we started with a mojito in a HELLMANN’S jar and cool tunes by a band at restaurant CALF & BLOOM in the city centre of Amsterdam. 3 chefs from Berlin, NYC and London made a burger for us food journalists and bloggers – I joined this festivity with Vanessa from CULINESSA and Frances from FOODGLOSS.

Every dish served consisted HELLMANN’S: these chefs love it! The starter was so tasty: Dutch shrimps with white asparagus, grapefruit and lemon mayonnaise. The first burger of the German chef Laurin Hackney was made with braised chicken with dill-chili-mayonnaise, pickled radish, cucumber, rocket, fresh mint and cabbage on a grilled sourdough roll (see photo below). A lot of ingredients made a mouth full but with so many tasty flavours rotating! Every bite you tasted another flavour.
The second burger was the 5 NAPKIN BURGER from the NYC chef Andy D’Amico who has named his NYC restaurant after this popular burger. This was my favorite burger of beef patty with rosemary aioli, caramelized onions and Gruyère cheese on a bun of brioche. The bun in comparison with the tender beef, sweet onions and salty cheese. Can I have two please? Right now…
Third was the British burger of Tom Barton who sneaked black pudding from England to make his burger with beef, apple tempura and caper mayonnaise. I am not a big fan of black pudding (bloedworst) and with the tempura I found it quite greasy. But for some attendees this was the best burger of the night!

How do you like your burger?
With HELLMANN’S of course!
Tweet: How do you like your burger? With #HELLMANN'S of course! #story154 @michelle_vdv

20140520-221653-80213410.jpg20140520-221652-80212529.jpgDessert was also made with HELLMANN’S. With mayonnaise? Yes, just a little bit was shaken into a banana and creamy peanutbutter milkshake. Delicious!

So if you love HELLMANN’s like I do, share this post with your friends and tell me how much you love this brand! I got a year of free HELLMANN’S stash and I am willing to share ;)
XX, Michelle



2 Responses to "Burger Galore with Hellmann’s"
Anneke posted this on June 2, 2014 at 10:32 am Reply

Love it!

BAR RESTAURANT HENK | posted this on July 17, 2014 at 7:09 am Reply

[…] had a bit more spice to it. Or maybe they could’ve added a bit more wasabi to the mayonnaise? Good for the tastebuds though: A variety in texture with soft and crispy ingredients and in taste […]


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