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10 Healthy Foodspots in Amsterdam

Here are STORY154’s favorite healthy food hotspots! After having a lot of breakfasts of champions and organic salads for lunch I have a range of healthy foodspots you need to visit. Perfect places to take away food, to visit during the week or to get some extra vitamins after a night out. Time for another 10 Best of Amsterdam!

DR. BLEND for all your healthy juices made by the one and only fruit and superfood blender! Read my review about DR. BLEND here.

VINNIES DELI is a healthy hotspot because of their lovely breakfast and lunch. They just opened their second spot and I was really happy to be one of the first blogs to write about them (and interview them). Lovely guys, perfect healthy spot! Read STORY154’s review about VINNIES DELI here >

VEGABOND is a lunch room and shop in one. Visit this healthy hotspot when you are craving for a healthy green juice, a sandwich or want to buy some vegan food for at home. Read STORY154’s review about VEGABOND here >

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SLA is a popular salad bar in Amsterdam and has 3 locations by now. They serve you tasty organic ingredients combined in ways that you want to make it at home but never succeed in making it exactly like SLA. Read STORY154’s review about SLA here >

LITE/DARK has two locations and it your answer to a healthy lifestyle. Go here for a vitamin boost or healthy snacks. Read STORY154’s review about LITE/DARK here >

LAVINIA GOOD FOOD is a beautiful lunch room with gluten-free meals. Expect a combination of a lot of veggies with good carbohydrates. Read STORY154’s review about LAVINIA GOOD FOOD here >

JUICE & SALAD for a breakfast of champions, a healthy salad for lunch or take away dinner. Only healthy ingredients in the best possible combinations, yum! Read STORY154’s review about JUICE & SALAD here >

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INSTOCK is actually the only real restaurant in this row. Eat supermarket leftovers for a small price. Do good while eating good food. Read STORY154’s blog about INSTOCK here >

DOPHERT serves, next to catering, vegetarian and vegan meals in their lunchroom in the West. Breakfast with granola or huge stacks of clubsandwiches for lunch.

VENKEL is a small salad bar in DE PIJP. With a nice interior to enjoy a salad with the lovely produce from local farmers like the Amsterdam honey they have.

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COTTON CAKE is a store and lunch room in one. More a shop with lovely fashion brand but with a magnificent quinoa salad. Read STORY154’s review about COTTON CAKE here >

Which healthy foodspot is your favorite? Or is STORY154 missing one essential healthy spot? Let me know via Facebook or Twitter!
XX, Michelle

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UTRECHT CITYGUIDE | posted this on September 29, 2014 at 6:25 am Reply

[…] a breakfast of champions. They also have a location in Amsterdam in De Pijp. And boy do we love healthy spots! Read more about the YOGHURT BARN here > Below a pretty picture from Maura’s […]


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