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De Waterkant

This tropical new hotspot De Waterkant in Amsterdam lies at the backside of a parking lot along the Marnixstraat. Not that fancy, you might think but actually it is the most inventive new place in Amsterdam. This docking spot for boats to get their fuel is suddenly a hotspot to enjoy BBQ, Caribbean and soul food along the water on a wide terrace.

De Waterkant is a tropical hotspot and is inspired by Paramaribo, the main city of Surinam with likewise dishes like Saoto Soup and Chicken Roti Roll. Snacks are a bit more Dutch: Bitterballen and kaasstengels (cheese rolls) but chicken wings and nachos with guacemole as well. They also serve nachos with cheese out of the oven, YUM! Check out their menu here.

All we need is some sun and this tropical hotspot will be booming!

XX, Michelle

De Waterkant
Marnixstraat 246

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