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10 Best Spots for G&Ts

G&T’s are the drink of summer 2014! And if you aren’t pouring this drink in your restaurant or on your terrace, you are not jumping on this G&T wagon.. STORY154 set up a list of best spots to drink gintonics, always in combination with good food ofcourse:

Door74 is the first speakeasy style cocktailbar with a requisite hidden door, antique barware, tin ceiling, sophisticated atmosphere and delicious and perfectly balanced cocktail creations from Timo Janse-de Vries and his team. Make a reservation though! And selected as Holland’s best cocktail bar according to men magazine ESQUIRE.

Pop up bar and restaurant HENK
First enjoy yourself with a lovely 3 course meal and then head downstairs for some tasty gintonics. The large terrace borders a busy bridge, making it the perfect place to sit and watch Amsterdam go by! Read STORY154’s review about HENK here or read our recommendation in THE GUARDIAN.

This bar popped up where the COFFEE COMPANY was situated earlier. BAR SWYCH – as in be silent in Dutch – is here to stay with us till the end of the year! The young entrepreneurs want to make you as comfortable as possible, preferably by making you a lot of dark and stormy G&T’s.

International bar and restaurant 5&33
Next to being this chic restaurant, 5&33 also has an amazing chic and internationally looking cocktail bar. And if you’re heading for a liquid dinner, spot their home made veggie chips!

Situated in the Reguliersdwarsstraat in Amsterdam where there are a lot of cocktail bars like ROSA’S CANTINA and FEIJOA to name a few. DVARS is a favorite hotspot of many locals. Wednesday night is cocktail night and you only have a few days work till it’s weekend! Go for a Gin Punch or a seasonal drink with the name Tie Me Up or Spring ‘n Gin.

The fancy hotel bar of THE CONSERVATORIUM HOTEL has a magnificent interior with the ceiling high drink cabinet with a lot VITRA birds in it. Go here to relax, enjoy the international atmosphere and some classy G&Ts!

A good dark cocktail bar in the Jordaan area nearby the Haarlemmerdijk. With friendly and great shakers, a good atmosphere and a true classic amongst the cocktail bars.

Is it a burger bar? Is it a restaurant? Is it a cocktail bar? THE BUTCHER is all this in one! So order your truffle burger together with a tasty G&T and enjoy the secretive atmosphere! What’s your entry code?

Classical combinations like champagne and strawberries, gin and tonic and cocktails and food are the best! MOSSEL & GIN make their own combination, mussels and gin that is. Order BOBBY’S GIN – a gin made of 9 botanicals and after a recipe of the owners Moluccan grandfather – with a bit of tonic. Definitely my favorite G&T here!

Which gin do you prefer and at RAZMATAZ they’ll have it! The big crayon board with gracefully written gins there is always one you are craving for. Preferably like this spot when the sun is shining and you can enjoy the sun on their huge terrace!

You’ll have a great weekend with these tips! Let me know to which one you went in the comments below..

XX, Michelle

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blog-lover posted this on August 25, 2014 at 9:00 am Reply

I think you just made my new “to-do” list for Amsterdam! Thanks :-)
ps. LOVE your blog


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