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10 Best Spots To Eat Pulled Pork

Every week we post a Tuesday Ten: 10 places with a certain tasty dish. After last weeks really successful Best Burger Bars, we discuss another meaty dish with you (sorry vegetarians or vegans): PULLED PORK! This slow and low simmered dish is a hit in Amsterdam and at STORY154 a well made pulled pork dish is highly appreciated! Check out these 10 best spots to eat pulled pork. And if your favorite spot isn’t on this list, add yours through a comment below!

BAKERS & ROASTERS has the Navajo Eggs. Not your typical breakfast dish but it’s really good! Eggs with pulled pork, avocado, mango salsa and chipotle cream served with two poached organic free range eggs and hot buttered toast. If that doesn’t kickstart your day!

UBUNTU BEACH is the ideal place to hang out with friends in the weekend. And because food is an important part of this, you can enjoy their pulled pork wrap (which is really good) until 18th of October. Because UBUNTU is a beach pavilion, they have to close down.

LOMBARDO’S was really missed on this list, so we checked it out and they seem to have killer pulled pork sandwich as well. Roasted, simmered low and slow in Duvel beer and made with lots of love with herbs and served warm with pickles. And if you don’t go for the pulled pork sandwich, try the hamburger!

DE BIERTUIN serves a pulled pork burger with a sticky BBQ sauce, luiewijvenfrieten and coleslaw. The bun is spongy and sweet. This pulled pork burger falls apart when you take a few bites and everything is covered with.. yeah everything. The so called luiewijvenfrieten are soft and slappy fries and because of that we call them “lazy bitches fries”.

DROVERS DOG created Australia in Amsterdam: Their breakfast, brunch and dinner includes lots of outback influences like kangaroo meat! The pulled pork sandwich is one of their many popular dishes in Oost or Zuid.

JULIUS BAR & GRILL has a soft and sweet bun with slow cooked and pulled apart pork that comes with a magnificent sauce: Bloater fish mayonnaise. Or try the pulled pork croquettes with the same mayonnaise. While you are there: order the Vietnamese bacon!

SOCIÉTÉ WUNDERBAR has a good pulled pork wrapped in a tortilla with pickled cucumber and kimchi. Afterwards you immediately are ready to hit the dance floor.. we mean cocktailbar.

BAR BROUW is a smoked meat and craft beer restaurant in Amsterdam Oost and West. With other words: The ideal dude spot! Their menu has loads of meats like the pulled pork sandwich for lunch or order it as a main course.

ODESSA PIZZA GRILL is nothing like the old cocktail bar it used to be. This pizza and grill restaurant serves a pulled pork wrap as a starter and a dry aged burger with pulled pork and BBQ sauce as a main dish. For everyone who lives in or wants to visit Zeeburg.

ROSE’S CANTINA has a really good Mexican cuisine. This week’s dish is hidden in ROSE’S TACOS: three soft corn taco’s with carnitas that is pulled pork with red onion, cilantro and salsa. Enjoy this while drinking a Corona or a margarita. Who doesn’t love Mexican cuisine?

STORY154 is in love with pulled pork! Tell us where you had the best pulled pork experience.
XX, Michelle

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