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10 Best Spots In Amsterdam East

This week’s Tuesday 10 is about the best places in East. This district of Amsterdam has so many great restaurants, coffee and cocktails bars to choose from! If your favorite spot isn’t on this list, add yours through a comment below. Here is our 10 Best list:

BAUT is one of our favorites and is here to stay for 86 more days. We’ll make another reservation before that time! Rumor has it that they’ve found a permanent spot.. Fingers crossed!

SMOKIN’ BARRELS recently opened its doors on the Beukenplein. This bar combines lobster, cocktails, beers and burgers. Perfect spot to meet friends!

EAST57 is a restaurant, a wine bar, a deli and a coffee bar in one! You can wander here all day and won’t get hungry or thirsty at all. Try the pulled pork, the chicken, some fish or the black angus burger.

COFFEE BRU because we all need coffee in our lives and as much as I love you. I am not sharing my coffee with you! But we do share this magnificent coffee spot with to-die-for-daily cortado that is so close by on a great spot namely the Beukenplein. The square that also MAXWELL CAFE, SMOKIN’ BARRELS and HENRY’S BAR.

RIJSEL is a French restaurant with a Flemish cuisine. Their menu is compact and changes often due to seasonalities. One of RIJSEL’s specialties is the chicken from the spit. Expect elegant and finely-crafted dishes!

LOETJE is such a simple but great food concept. We at STORY154 had times that we came here on a weekly base. Not now anymore though.. But boy do they serve a killer steak!

HENRY’S BAR is the only real cocktailbar in this list. It is small and “gezellig”, has a relaxed atmosphere, the staff is super friendly and the cocktails.. Really can’t remember how good the cocktails were. Pretty good I guess ;)

DE BIERTUIN is actually owned by the same guys as MAXWELL CAFE, SMOKIN’ BARRELS, HENRY’S BAR and BAR BUKOWSKI. All such great restaurants slash bars with good food. DE BIERTUIN specializes in beer and chicks. From the spit that is. Looks like there is a trend going on..

MAXWELL CAFE has a wide variety of dishes to choose from, but when you are there definitely try out the spareribs: those tasty and juicy fellows come with a secret garlic sauce and fries. Yum!

DE PLANTAGE is new in town! This beautifully decorated historical building is the residential home of DE PLANTAGE. You are welcome here for lunch, drinks or dinner. To give you a sneak peek of the menu: Gillardeau oysters, tartines, different kinds of croquetas, yummy platters and churros.

And that is 10! This is not a ranked list, just our version of events. So if you miss your hotspot in the Eastern part of Amsterdam. Let us know!
XX, Michelle

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Sees posted this on October 7, 2014 at 7:15 am Reply

To add to your list babe: Stek, Bar Bukowski, Merkelbach & Ruyschkamer. For now


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