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10 Best Breakfast Spots

Every Tuesday we post our 10 Best list! Former lists were the top 10 burgers, best spots for chicken (on a spit), to enjoy brunch, 10 best restaurants in East and the most healthy spots of Amsterdam.

This week we pay attention to the most appetizing breakfast spots that open early! And again, if your fave isn’t on this list – add your own in the comments below!

DE LAATSTE KRUIMEL opens at 8 am during the week and on Saturday and one hour later on Sunday. What to eat at this breakfast spot? Try out everything! Because everything looks amazing and tastes even better! One of the best croissants in Amsterdam if you ask me..

LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN is open every day at 9 am. You can order yummy scrambled eggs, Belgian waffles or French toast. The best about this spot is that you can order breakfast all day and every day! Perfect for the sleepyheads among us..

NACIONAL is not open very early: at 10 am they open the doors to their beautiful restaurant (I’m fan!). You can order your French breakfast with poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce here. A favorite of STORY154 and quite a heavy breakfast for champions!

DE BAKKERSWINKEL is a breakfast spot you cannot miss because of all the delicious sweet stuff like scones, pies and croissants. For the guys bacon and eggs. Good coffee, though sometimes too many kids playing around (not beneficial for your hangover). Open from 8.30 am during the week and at 10 am in the weekend.

PAPER PLANES (9 am) is the transformed espressobar of BAR ITALIA. It is a pop up and here to stay till we don’t know when. A really relaxed hangout to do some work on Monday or Tuesday (then laptops are 100% allowed) and enjoy the livingroom vibe and breakfast. Ofcourse breakfast with funny names like Hot&Healthy, Eggs Factor, Egg Soldiers and Yummy Quinoa.

BRASSERIE BATÔN is a small breakfast spot along the Herengracht. I always go here when the sun is shining to enjoy early breakfast (from 8 – 9 am till 12 am) on their terrace. They serve a simple breakfast with coffee, orange juice, a croissant with jam and butter for a reasonable price.

DE DRIE GRAEFJES opened a second lunchroom on the Rokin. The first lunchroom and well-known American Bakery is on the Gravenstraat nearby Dam square. You can order breakfast here from 9 in the morning. But definitely keep room for their Red Velvet cake and other (cup)cakes.

OMELEGG is the first omeletterie in The Netherlands. Expect good coffee, yummy omelets and endless variations on egg dishes! This breakfast spot is the only one on this list that open from 7 am (8 am Sat – Sun). Ha-le-lu-jah! (Not that I am such an early bird).

DR. BLEND is open from 7.30 am during the week for your quick liquid breakfasts on the go (10 am Sat – Sun). And you want it to be healthy. Very important to eat healthy while you are busy. Favorite juices: Dr. Green Dream, Dr. Green, Dr. Mango Django, Dr. Love.

ANNE & MAX recently opened their newest location in De Pijp. Open at 8 to serve you delicious coffee, croissants (so I have heard) and a variety of breakfast combinations, juices and specialty teas.

No, we didn’t forget BUFFET VAN ODETTE, SCANDINAVIAN EMBASSY and G’S REALLY REALLY NICE PLACE! There were on this list of best brunch spots already ;) And for after breakfast, check out these best spots to have cake!
XX, Michelle

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[…] 10 Best Breakfast Spots | – Every Tuesday we post our 10 Best … (then laptops are 100% allowed) and enjoy the livingroom vibe and breakfast. Ofcourse breakfast with funny names like Hot&Healthy, … English breakfast, food blog Amsterdam, food blog STORY154, Food concept, French breakfast, Jordaan, Le … […]


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