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10 Best Restaurants To Eat Dutch Food

This week’s Tuesday 10 is about the best places to enjoy Dutch food. What is typically Dutch? Stamppotjes are dishes of mashed potatoes with mashed veggies and marvelous low simmered meat or croquettes, fries and cheese. We wouldn’t be Dutchies without cheese!

Amsterdam has so many great culinary spots that it’s difficult to make a selection of 10. So if your favorite spot isn’t on this list or you got another suggestion, add yours through a comment below. Here is our 10 best for Dutch food:

CAFÉ SCHILLER is one of Amsterdam’s oldest restaurants. Eat a stamppotje where Miles Davis and Jimmy Hendricx had a drink and enjoy the wonderful old atmosphere with the Amsterdamse hospitality! Read STORY154’s blog about CAFÉ SCHILLER here >

HOLTKAMP is typically Dutch but not typically Dutch if you know what I mean. The croquettes that they make are typically Dutch but the quality is so good that it’s a higher level of Dutch food. The Dutch cuisine is quite simple most of the time. A change in that is very welcome then! They make different products like shrimp croquettes and delicious pies.

WILDE ZWIJNEN is just like HOLTKAMP not your typical Dutch restaurant whilst using Dutch and seasonal produce. It’s a modern laid back restaurant with really good seasonal food, great service and lovely ambiance. Read STORY154’s review here >

LOETJE serves you the best steak in town! With more than 4 restaurants in Amsterdam and surrounding areas, it’s always a good time to enjoy a great steak at LOETJE. Read STORY154’s review here >

CAFE BERN for the best cheese fondue there is! Shame on me I have never been here, but it’s on THE LIST and will cross it off this winter. Great cheese fondue! Momentarily location is under construction.

EETSALON VAN DOBBEN is one of the oldest coffee houses in Amsterdam. Here you can enjoy a broodje kroket or a sandwich with meat of your choice. Last time I was there, a woman asked me for the toilet and I told her were it was. She didn’t believe me. Read STORY154’s review here >

CAULILS is famous for its delicious cheese! The store on the Haarlemmerstraat is well known amongst locals. Now open in DE FOODHALLEN as well were they serve you the raclette, their famous Caulils grilled cheese sandwich and a variety of cheese platters. YUM!

FRIETHUIS VLEMINCKX is the smallest and the oldest – since 1957 – spot in this list (and in Amsterdam) and makes the best fries of Amsterdam! And we love fries (preferably with mayonnaise ;). Be prepared to eat outside and while standing up.

STAMPPOTJE is a place where you can only take away stamppotjes. Different kind of stamppotjes: Stamppotjes with kale, sauerkraut or a seasonal one with pumpkin. You can choose 1, 2 or 3 scoops of stamppot. Pick a meat with it: Bacon, meatballs, sausages, rookworst or slow and low simmered meat. In summer you can eat ice cream here. In winter only stamppotjes. We Dutchies love stamppotjes.

MOEDERS is just like CAFE SCHILLER: An older restaurant where they serve you real grandmothers stamppotjes of mashed potatoes with veggies and some great tender and low simmered meat. Go for the signature meal of Annie, Betty or Corrie. Forget Kranenborg, these are the real Dutch chefs! :p

So when you are craving Dutch food, check out this list!
XX, Michelle

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November Pleasures – Food Travel Photography posted this on February 9, 2015 at 8:45 pm Reply

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