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Mercato Campari

Around the corner from DE FOODHALLEN, MEAT WEST and HOTEL DE HALLEN,

STORY154 presents you a new cocktail bar in West: MERCATO CAMPARI! This bar is the start of a new restaurant opening in 2015 and the creation of food entrepreneurs Leonardo and Daan who are also responsible for a serious amount of restaurants and party venues like BAR AMERICANO, CHAPTER 21, VESPER, FRANKLIN, HUGO’S and CARTER.

MERCATO CAMPARI is a temporary bitteria (and the first in Amsterdam?) that serves you bitter cocktails only. The bitter ingredients are preferably homemade from herbs and roots and at this moment the most popular ingredient in cocktail bars. I never heard of the word bitteria, but I sense that I will like it and a new trend is set.

Check out this recently opened hotspot along the Amstel river >

This specialty bar serves you the Negroni: A warm, bitter and a touch of sweetness combined with Campari tonic. Or an Americano and the ingredients of this cocktail you have to find out yourself! And you’re not in for a liquid dinner because MERCATO CAMPARI pampers you with Italian bites.

Open for one month only till December 15th!
XX, Michelle


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UPDATE: This hotspot closed.


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