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10 Best Places To Take Out Food

Who says take out dinner (or lunch) needs to be healthy? Sometimes you feel like ordering a salad. But most of the time, you end up having burgers, pasta or sushi, right? This week’s 10 BEST is about the 10 best food places in Amsterdam to take away lunch or dinner. Check out these favorites! And if your fave isn’t on this list, leave me a comment.

Soup Enzo has a wide variety of soups: celeriac soup with cashew nuts, Dutch split pea soup (erwtensoep), broccoli soup with Stilton, soup made of zucchini with Parmesan cheese crackers and basil. The menus differ at the two locations on Spiegelstraat and the Jodenbreestraat, so be aware of that. It’s a culinary take away soup shop!

Stach Food serves you lunch or dinner. STACH has some amazing small and larger salads, soups, pizza and more prepared meals you only have to heat up. With enough veggies! This is definitely not your average supermarket meal. Read STORY154’s review about Stach Food here >

Sugoi Sushi is my personal favorite food place in Amsterdam to order in. They have great sushi (try the Sushi Dragon and the salmon sashimi) and the price/quality is very good. I always order a menu for two persons, the combi or the Deluxe menu and add some other things like edamame beans, chuka wakame, yakitori, ebi furai. Now they have new sushi on the menu: Phoenix, the spicy bit uramaki and the Vulkano.

Burgerlijk Amsterdam is since this post a true hit in casa di STORY154. Now and again you just crave for a well-made burger. On a Saturday afternoon for example after you did some shopping in the 9 Streets. Read STORY154’s review about this burger joint here >

Eddy Spaghetti is one of the newest food places in Amsterdam Oost. Last week I dined here and the conchiglie with arrabiata, the spaghetti with langoustines and the ravioli with pumpkin were very tasty! You can take away the pastas as well. Lucky for you when you live nearby ;) Full review on Eddy Spaghetti coming up this week!

Los Pilones for your shot of Mexican food! I love this place.. The chicken is tender, the portions are just right, For your shot of guacemole, nachos, quesadillas, flautas, tacos and enchiladas in your own home. Read STORY154’s review about Los Pilones here >

When you want to eat healthy and still don’t feel like cooking, check out Juice & Salad Café, Sla and Venkel.

Kantjil To Go serves you Indonesian food in three steps: choose between white rice, fried rice or fried noodles, then pick some veggies and pick a meat! Four different veggies like green beans in a black bean sauce, gado gado or orak arik (stir fried cabbage, paprika, carrot and eggs). Meats are saté with peanut sauce, rendang or chicken in a spicy sauce of tomato, pepper and sambal.

De Foodhallen with burgers from The Butcher, Vietnamese springrolls from Viet View, temaki’s from Meneer Temaki, petite pies from Petit Gâteau, pulled pork sandwich by The Rough Kitchen. Get the point? Check out De Foodhallen >

Foodware is another healthy option (depends on what to bring home ofcourse ;). They have daily fresh, wholesome and simply delicious food like a curry of sweet potato and chickpeas, minced veal Tuscan style with a spicy tomato sauce, “Noord- Hollands” chicken in truffle sauce (very yummy, not über healthy), ravioli of the day with truffle sauce or a fish of the day. And they have delicious side dishes as well! Take a look at their menu here.

All these take out lunches and dinners are making me hungry! Is one of your favorite in this list? Let me know what your favorite dish is!
XX, Michelle

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