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10 Best Spots To Eat Oysters

You’re either a fan of oysters or you’re not. I really had to learn to eat them and it all started with that first briny (being salty the way sea water is salty) one: Much too slithery and too salty from the sea! No the first wasn’t a big success.. But because a lot of friends and almost my entire family are total oyster addicts, I wanted to learn to eat them: Now I love oysters! So this week’s Tuesday 10 is all about oysters.

Le Petit Bistro has some really tasty oysters: D. Hervé’s Royale Cabanon, Umami oysters (with size no. 3: the smaller the number, the bigger the oyster and the higher the price ;) and Gillardeau’s (size no. 3). If you can’t choose between those three, I recommend to share The Grand Ocean Platter with someone. They were all so good!

BAUT Amsterdam really treated me well the other day! With a poached oyster with spinach, mousseline, beurre blanc and caviar. No need to explain how delicious that was! Catch ‘m while you can.. Read STORY154’s review about BAUT here >

Restaurant Stork serves you four kinds of oysters: Fines de Claire, Fine de Ronche, Speciales and Gillardeau’s. I particularly like the last ones because they have a lot of meat. You can also go for a mix of these oysters! Read STORY154’s review about Stork here >

De Oesterbar on the touristy Leidseplein is a seafood restaurant and has eight(!) oysters to choose from! From the Gillardeau oyster (no. 2) to a Spéciales Joguet No. 1. This means it’s a really fleshy and fat oyster (the smaller the number, the bigger the size of the oyster).

Oriental City for some original dimsum and pretty darn good oysters! And other food that is.. Read all about this spot here >

Mossel & Gin has the perfect combination of perfect gins (BOBBY’S, HENDRICKS and so on) with oysters. Go for the Creuses from the Dutch province Zeeland, Fines de Claire or flat oysters (more firm than the others). Read all about Mossel & Gin here >

Restaurant Lucius is a great seafood restaurant in Amsterdam! They serve you the oysters that are in season. And when you’re with someone who doesn’t appreciate an oyster, they have plenty of other choices. One of the best seafood restaurants in Amsterdam. Period!

Namkee on Nieuwmarkt is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Amsterdam. They sell really good oysters as well. Actually a book was named after the oysters of Namkee (in Dutch). Perfect location with perfect food!

The Harbour Club in the outskirts of Amsterdam has six different kinds of oysters to choose from: Papillons, Chapons, Gillardeau’s, Creuses, flat oysters and some more. You order half a dozen in once and receive different toppings with the briny delicacies. Read STORY154’s review about The Harbour Club here >

EnSuite at Razmataz has an oyster event this weekend! You can go ballistic on the oyster for just €1 with a lovely glass of Pouilly Fumé next to it. Which oysters they serve, I have no idea. Some oysters are just significantly cheaper and easier to harvest than others. These oysters would be perfectly good to eat ;) I’m there for sure!

So are you a Charming-I-Love-Oysters person or a I-Am-Trying-Too-Hard-To-Be-Sexy person who eats oysters?
XX, Michelle

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