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10 Best Places To Drink Craft Beers

Every now and then an ice cold beer is a real treat.. Even when you are not the typical beer drinker, you’ll find nice craft beer you’ll like for sure at these spots! There are so many options: Weizen, Blond, Lager, Triple, India Pale Ale, Sasion, fruity beers and so on. For real beer lovers: Drink your heart out!

De Biertuin
It is all in the name.. Big terrace full of sunshine, food, nice people and craft beers! On their menu they have over 60(!) beers. The perfect combination with beer is of course burgers or chicken. Well at De Biertuin they have juicy big burgers and tasty chickens.
Linnaeusstraat 29

The Waterkant is always fun! With your legs dangling over the waterside talking with your friends and having a tasty craft beer. Those are the good days. They have Surinam beer on their menu: biri they call it. For the real tropic lovers among us they have banana and coconut beer! It tastes like the banana shaped candy from Haribo, I can tell you from experience..
Marnixstraat 246

Brouwerij ‘t IJ 
.. is a very special brewery! With its big windmill (which doesn’t actually belong to them) it’s a typical Dutch place to hang around and maybe show to your foreign friends! They brew their own craft beer, almost all are organic. They have a huge terrace and they serve their own brewed beers just from the brewery a few steps away. So local beers! Brouwerij ‘t IJ is a guaranteed favorite of Amsterdam people.
Funenkade 7

Gollem has 4 locations throughout Amsterdam; every real beer drinker probably knows the place! They serve multiple beers from draft and over a 100 bottled beers. Gollem is a typical ‘brown café’ as we know it in The Netherlands. You can go to Gollem for the perfect beer and food combinations, bites and dinner. At the Overtoom location, they host a live Jazz night every Saturday.
Overtoom 16, Raamsteeg 4, Amstelstraat 34, Daniel Stalpertstraat 74

Cosy café in Amsterdam West. They have 12 beers on draft from local breweries like Brooklyn Lager, Brouwerij ‘t IJ and La Chouffe and approximately 40 bottled beers from Brouwerij ‘t IJ, Two Chefs and Oedipus f.e. They also have beers from Belgium, Germany, UK and US. They have a nice beer garden were you can sit. A must try of Two Chefs Brewing  is the Tropical Ralphie. This is a fresh, citrus Weizen perfect to enjoy in the beer garden of Frits.
Jan Evertsenstraat 135

Hesp is really nicely located at the Amstel River. Such a nice view and breeze while enjoying your beer. Also a perfect stop when you are on a boat! Hesp serves 27 beers from draft and they also have their own beer brand: Hesp Donker and Hesp Blond.
Weesperzijde 130

In the middle of the concrete jungle at Sloterdijk you can have the best VrijMiBo at BRET! At BRET they believe in local and honest products. They love craft beers and serve their own Nordman beers and beers from local craft brewers. TIP: you can have a really good beer and food combination! The Nordman beers are IPA beers. Little fact: IPA means India Pale Ale and these IPA’s are a real trend this summer! There is more hop in IPA beers, therefore they usually taste more fruity and tropical. The alcohol percentage is also higher than in normal beers.
Orlyplein 76

Hannekes Boom
The cultural restaurant of Amsterdam! Chill at the waterside and watch the boats go by. Go to Hannekes Boom for lunch, dinner and dancing and of course special beers! They have beers from Brouwerij ‘t IJ also. Sit back and drink a good wheat beer like IJwit!
Dijksgracht 4

Bar Joost
Bar Joost is a tasting room with various drinks. Taste locally brewed beers: their assortment consists of De Amsterdam Brewboys, Butchers Tears, Brouwerij ’t Ij, Bruut bier, Two Chefs, De vriendschap, Oedipus and Wispe. Nice to know the craft beer of the Brand Bruut, named Gajes, won the gold medal at the Dutch Beer Challenge 2016! It is a firm, dry triple with citrus tones.
Molukkenstraat 33

Tap Zuid
A real Amsterdam beer and food- café where they represent all Amsterdam breweries. At Tap Zuid you can drink the best craft beers of the world! Including beers from Italy by the brewers of Birra Italia. You can order food till half an hour before closing time, which in the weekends is at 3 o’ clock at night. The menu is really finger licking good.. Spicy pulled chicken, smokey bacon, salad in a jar and all kinds of snacks that go well with beer.
Maasstraat 70

What is your favorite craft beer?

Xx, Rosemarijn

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