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10 Best Ice Cream Hotspots in Amsterdam

Ice Ice Baby + Summer In The City = Happiness ALL OVER! What better way then to cool off with some gelato? We selected the best spots to eat the most delicious ice cream in Amsterdam! 

On warm evenings there is always a very long line at Pisa. The owners of Pisa are real Italian ice lovers and real Italians. In the shop the owner works together with her grandson. You can taste their love for ice cream! We tip you on flavours: pistachio, banana and cookie-cake batter flavored ice cream are delicious. Who doesn’t know them by now cannot call themselves a local!
Scheldeplein 10

Metropolitan Deli
Their ice cream is freshly made each day and you can taste this! Take some scoops of lemon-basil.. Plus Metropolitan Deli is a real chocolate walhalla, so you won’t leave empty handed. That’s for sure!
Warmoestraat 135

Monte Pelmo
This ice cream is made by a real ice cream family! They sell old fashioned Dutch apple pie ice cream which you should really try. They are situated in the beloved Jordaan.
Tweede Anjeliersdwarstraat 17

Has multiple locations throughout Amsterdam! IJscuypje sells full flavoured ice cream and you can choose every flavour in a milkshake as well.. In winter most of their locations sell typical Dutch winter dishes ‘stamppotjes’ which is mashed potatoes with veggies and  sausage.
Store locator

At Nice they make the best and healthiest popsicles! Made from organic fruits, water or juice and some honey or cane sugar. All popsicles are made as pure a possible. They have traditional flavours like strawberry and pear, but also watermelon and fresh mint.. Sounds really refreshing right?
Check here for sales locations.

Professor Grunschnabel
All their ice cream is 100% free of lactose, gluten, soy or preservatives. The color, smell and taste of their ice cream is 100% derived from the natural ingredients they use in the preparation. This doesn’t mean the taste is less. The taste is awesome, you really can’t taste that there is no cream in it! They are big in adventurous flavors, like Madagascar Matcha made with coconut milk, Japanese green tea powder, bourbon vanilla and lime juice. Or the Indian Winter made with coconut milk, fresh ginger root, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and coriander seed.
Check here for sales locations

Was started by Martijn who realized his dream: he learnt to make ice cream at the Gelato University in Italy. IJsmanschap sells handcrafted popsicles (love it!) and coffee. All ice is made without the addition of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. You can make your ice cream even better with toppings like a yummy chocolate layer, caramelized and roasted nuts. OMG!
Van Spilbergenstraat 2 hs and more locations

Van der Linde
At Van der Linde they sell the best soft ice cream ever, I can honestly say. Situated at the busy shopping street Nieuwendijk, you can easily walk past it. Don’t do this! The family Van der Linde opened the business in 1937 and they never left. Be prepared for a food baby!
Nieuwendijk 183

At Sillers they sell a whole new level of ice cream; the ice cream cookie sandwich. Really colorful and a whole meal by itself! The little take away shop Sillers just opened on the corner of the Kinkerstraat and Nassaukade. Try it out!
Nassaukade 900

Van Soest
Officially a chocolatier.. which works well with ice cream making, we say. Cause their cookies ice cream is the best! Real big cookie chunks are in it. The ice cream is Italian and handcrafted. The list of flavors is endless: cocos, fig, mango, lemon cheesecake, blood orange, pistachio, straciatella, chocolate. Enough reasons to pay Van Soest a visit!
Utrechtsestraat 143


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