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Food Trends 2017

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Especially for the Trendwatching group of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, here is my idea of food trends for 2017. Showed by posts which already were published in 2016! How about that ;)

Taco fever
Hyper-regional food will continue to set our tastebuds ablaze in the next 12 months. Which 10 best places you should visit in Amsterdam to enjoy some killer taco’s is listed here (written by Rosemarijn, also a HvA student who did this Trendwatching minor you’ll be doing this coming 6 months). Baum & Whiteman even tipped the Breakfast Taco to be a food trend in 2017. Don’t know about that though.

Insta-ready food
Ok, I am a sucker for Instagram-worthy food and its places. Just take a look at these spots (or cake suppliers): Corner Bakery Amsterdam, Milk & Madu on Bali, Petit Gateau, Life of Pie, Amstel hotel high tea, The Breakfast Club… Shall I continue? Oeh and Restaurant Girassol of course cannot be missed in this list!

Design, design, design!
We love design stuff! Like Instagram-worthy food, we also love a great interior. You want the food to be good as well of course, but you still go to such a place for a beautiful interior. Because the eye wants to be pleased! So say ‘hello’ to that perfect marble table top (at Toki’s f.e.) or the urban jungle interior at Bar Botanique (don’t go for the food though). But  we also adore a great graphic design on our chocolate wrappers.

Delivery services
They just take a leap. Delivery service because everyone has days they want to eat healthy, yummy or not-so-ordinary food and not making efforts for it. Foodora, Deliveroo, UberEats are your best friend at these moments in 2017. Period.

Eating well for your body
This ‘trend’ is purely based on my gut feeling: the eating very very very healthy trend is passing away. Yes people pay attention to what they eat (80/20) but want to enjoy a glass of wine, a bitterbal or a piece of cake as well. We eat healthy for 80% of the time and sin those other 20% (or more ;)).
What I notice around me is that people eat the foods their bodies respond well too. If you figure out your physique cannot handle tomatoes or red meat, they don’t eat it anymore. So this personal diet plan is different for everybody. There’s no one (diet) fits all. This is based on a book I’m reading about the moon and its effects on the earth (and on us! Book: Guided by the Moon: Living in Harmony with the Lunar Cycles). I’m the type that handles all foods ;-)

You, you, you are a trendwatcher
This Eater article made me laugh so hard. It explains ALL the trends predicted for 2017. It’s a list of 81 items (jaw drops). There’s also the trend of being a trendwatcher (all of a sudden). Because A LOT OF PEOPLE write about trends nowadays. So are these people seeing it clearly suddenly or do they use scientific research? I don’t know because there article doesn’t say where they (bloggers, journalists, big companies, etc) getting their information.
To be clear: This list is based on scientific research done by Baum & Whiteman, BBC Goodfood and The New Yorker plus a bit of curating, my gut feeling and an observant Amsterdam focused eye, but sometimes I (on purpose) close my eye for things like poke bowls. Because I just don’t feel them. Doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a trend. Bowls for everything, yes

OK, I can continue to add other trends to this article ;-) Hope you enjoyed this article. If so, share it on Facebook and hit LIKE. Ciao!






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