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Sla on the Westerstraat

The second SLA salad bar is a fact. YES! Right after Christmas they opened the new shop on the Westerstraat. Next to another fave BAR BOCA’S and in the same street as WINKEL (best apple pie in town).

Seconds after my Christmas holiday, I am here and it looks great! Nicely done, SLA and Nicemakers.. I was already convinced about the food, but you serve one hell of a pumpkin soup and the new Japanese salad is also very tasty! Ecological veggies, great salad combinations and lots of healthy guilty pleasures as SLA names it. Great for a healthy lunch with your friends in the weekends, though they’re not open on Sunday.. Too bad!

See you soon @ SLA!
XX, Michelle

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Quick update on restaurants in the Jordaan

New in Amsterdam: Roebling's - Story154

Here’s an update on restaurant development and empty spaces in the Jordaan area. The neighbourhood I live in has quality restaurants like Caffé Toscanini, Restaurant Daalder and Tijger & de Vis.

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10 Healthy And Not So Healthy Food Spots

So New Years resolutions makes that you are eating healthy again or not. The question is: What are you craving for right now?

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Bar Americano

The guys who also set up Bar Franklin, Hugo’s and Carter have opened another hotspot overlooking the Amstel, on the border between de Pijp and Amsterdam East:

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Feedie Amsterdam

As an Instagram addict I share most of my daily meals with you. With these foodstagrams you can do something good! Become a FEEDIE like myself.

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10 Best Coffee Bars In Amsterdam

It’s time for another Tuesday Ten! In this item we discuss 10 hotspots which are best for a

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Bar Boca’s In The Jordaan

One of my favorite hang outs is BAR BOCA’S! The relaxed atmosphere and good food are

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Frites uit Zuyd

“My fave kind of one-trick pony”, says food trendwatcher Marjan Ippel

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Lex and Jonathan, also known as HEADFIRST COFFEE ROASTERS, opened their coffee spot on the Westerstraat. So watch out WONEN & BONEN! After a while serving coffee at HARVEST & CO., where I made this mug shot, the guys now have their own spot. The interior is minimalistic, industrial with a big GIESEN roaster in the back – guaranteed magnificent coffee! Read on..

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SLA updated their menu with seasonal veggies and greens! Dishes and ingredients which are here to stay are f.e. the organic chicken (this time roasted instead of grilled), quinoa, certain kinds of lettuce, seeds and beans. A whole new and improved menu with new salads like Vegan Greens with spinach, broccoli, zucchini, avocado and roasted pumpkin seeds. One with marinated goatcheese also sounds delicious with dandelion salad, spelt, eggplant, pumpkin, pecan nuts and olives. Or you can go for read on…

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Story154’s Favorites – March 2014


Instead of looking back to what February brought us. I want to look forward to what March will bring us! Which spots will you visit in March? Let’s take look at what this upcoming month has to offer us. Feel free to add your own as a comment!

I think we will be sipping a lot of tea and coffee in all those new spots. Don’t we all crave for a good cup of coffee or tea? A great dinner? With wine? And friends? Yes, please!

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10 Best Cocktail Bars in Amsterdam (by liquid journalist Ingmar)

So every now and then, we publish our best spots concerning a specific food like taco's, the best places to sit like terraces or any other 10 best. Now it's Ingmar's turn to write about cocktail bars! ...

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10 Best Food Spots along the Bilderdijkstraat

Here is a very handy list of all the best food hotspots on the nicest streets of West: the Bilderdijkstraat!...

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10 Best Places To Eat Tacos In Amsterdam

Have you also noticed that tacos are back in the game? Not that strange because it's great street food.. Read on if you want to know where to get the best in Amsterdam. Because who doesn't love tacos? ...

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10 Best Places To Eat Burgers in Amsterdam

This week’s Tuesday 10 is about the best places to eat burgers (and crispy fries!) in Amsterdam. ...

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